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This wiki has been created by Lincoln University students enrolled in Introduction to Mass Communication in the Fall 2011 semester. This course is taught by Angela Cirucci.
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Mid-Term Projects
For their mid-term projects, the students of Intro to Mass Comm compared messages in The Cosby show to messages in The Fresh Prince. They used concepts from Jhally and Lewis' Enlightened Racism along with other course material and their own research.

Asia Cobbs: Same lifestyle; different world
Jamal Johnson: Race Vs. Social Class : Battle of the Blacks
Nicole Griffin:Underlying Message: The Truth Within
Maria Vismale: Misunderstood or Misrepresented: Media's Portrayal of The Black Family
Musashi Ellis: Embracing Your Culture
Antoine A. McDonald: From The Perspective of the Modern African American Family
Dominique.Saintfort: A Fresh Spin
Asia A. Black: (A New Light) Ignorance is Bliss: Enlightened Racism & Discrimination
James Coley: The Fresh Prince Project a.k.a Paper of the Century
Ronald Evans: The Point Is...
Jennifer Gutierrez: Comparing and Contrasting the Views of Jhally and Lewis in the Cosby Show in the Fresh Prince
Haywood Henderson: Hard Work Doesn't Discriminate
Thealisa Moss: My Paper
Lasheya Wright: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reaffirming Stereotypes
Donnielle Kirkland: Title
Cliff Jackson: The Difference Between Growing Up
Krystal Fluellen: Inside The Fresh Prince
Vincent A. Thomas: Underline Perception vs The Reality African American Families
Cha'bria Carter: The Fresh Prince
Haywood Henderson: Hard work doesn't Discriminate
James Wilkins Who's Blacker
Mashari Grissom Media's Representations of Black Families
Denyse Moore: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Jasmine Graves
Hayley Clarke : Comparing the Two : America's Favorite Black Families
Ericka Blackwell: The Positive Effects of a Male Role Model