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n the same show when Will met his father, we depicted Will’s character as a para-social relationship with his audience. Para-social relationships are one-sided and are conducted between one person, usually a television viewer, and an image. Designed and packaged to elicit an emotional reaction from consumers, appear to be indistinguishable from products. However, their role as characters in narrative creates a very different type of emotional attachment than products enjoy. By both being and being in narrative content, celebrities allow consumers to vicariously experience many new lives, and it is this fantasy connection that makes the consumer celebrity attachment both strong and long lasting. Will developed this phenomenon, when his “father” left him high and dry. The audience was able to feel the pain Will encountered, and we began to retrospect a time when we felt the same way. As the show is taking place, we the audience know that they are just acting, but we can relate to Will on so many levels. We tend to develop emotions in our head which and feel sorry for Will.


Jhally and Lewis described The Cosby Show as a black family portrayed without any of the demeaning stereotypical images of black people.

Jhally and Lewis would argue"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reinforces the myth that black people have themselves to blame if they don't make it nor become successful. They were able to critque all aspects of The Cosby Show whichc refelects how the young viewers see the show today.
However, the show portrays comedic black characters with dignity and humanity. The producer’s understood after years of degrading the media in which black people are viewed, the Huxables presented black characters that black and white audience could relate too. Bill Cosby, was a gynecologist and obstetrician, his wife, Clair was a lawyer. They lived in an upscale brownstone home located in New York. In The life the Huxables lived seemed, unrealistic to us viewing it, because the show never really dealt with issues in which teens or youth could share too. It also didn’t tackle the influences, in which the kids had to interact with different aspects outside the house. a different light, The Fresh Prince, was a showed in which urban youths could be able to adapt too. The “Banks” seems as if they were the dream African American family. My reasons that support that is because, the show tackled real life issues, such as stereotypical infractions, and social stratification barriers. In conclusion, both shows were similiar and different. But each show displayed a sense of belief in which society does not care what color your are, but how they view you as a whole. The "Banks" are the American family which

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Will's Princeton Interview


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