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Growing up I was a fan of all the sitcom's that came on Nickelodeon & Nick @ Night such as Good Times, The Jefferson's etc. Too me the racism and the family structure wasn't a big deal because it all look just like a regular family. Of course in school we were taught the difference between low class, middle, high class families. It just became more noticeable now that it was brought to out attention. For example a low class family "Good Times", we noticed already they were struggling, but they showed it and kept reiterate the fact that they were poor. They even showed episodes where they have times where they were beyond struggling.

Back in the 1990’s when Fresh Prince first aired they were known was the ideal black wealthy family. Everyone was high class, very classy and sophisticated. The kids went all to prep catholic schools or good colleges. They could have been mistaken for a white family. Will Smith was the only child that was out didn’t quite fit in the picture. He was hood, loud, ignorantat times and he was a troublemaker. Will came from Philadelphia where his mom which was a single mother. After his mother kicked him out he moved to Bel- Air where his Aunt & Uncle resides. Will’s uncle is a big time Judge for the courthouse, & his Aunt Vivian is a stay home wife that takes care of the family. Than you have an unusual butler that’s black and three3 rich black kids.
"The Perfect Ideal Family"

In one of the episodes Will’s father pops up to visit him and take him out to the park and basically have a good time. Will’s father promised to take him back with him on his truck and when it was time for him to leave his father turned his back on him once again. Will tries not to show the pain, but he ends up breaking down anyway. This episode reflects on how in reality that a lot of father figures are not in kid’s life. They end up making promises that they cant keep or end up not showing up. His father leaving affected Will.

The Cosby show is very similar to Fresh Prince of Bel- Air in many ways. They both are seen as black wealthy families with smart kids, both fathers has great jobs with good paying money. They both have regular family issues, but not as big as dealing with doing drugs and robbery. The differences between the two are that Uncle Phil & Vivian was raising their nephew. Will did become problem with him becoming a troublemaker in all. The Cosby’s just had their grandchildren, they wasn’t too much of a problem because they were young and still the kids really didn’t break their pockets or cause trouble like Will did.
The Para social relationship in Fresh Prince can relate to a family member that lives with me. She was adopted in to the family and she is a troublemaker and her mother came back, but she was still on her addiction and she thought her mom wanted her back but she didn’t want her back. She was really hurt.
In the Fresh Prince is a great show although some people take offense that it doesn’t show the reality of a real black family. I think it shows great situations and lesson learned regardless if you poor or wealthy.

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